The USD:MXN rate steadily increased to 20.75:1 over the past four weeks. Bitcoin rose to 56,000 USD levels while alternatives followed suit at a slower pace. Apologies for the delayed update; it’s been a busy month!

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

USD:MXN rates have been on the rise. This is a great time to send money!

Bitcoin has outperformed runner-ups over the last 30 days.

The USD:MXN rate corrected from over 20:1 to 19.84:1 as of this writing. Cryptos with greater scalability and functionality are vastly outperforming Bitcoin.

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

USD:MXN rates have been down over the last two weeks. There’s reasonable support at 19:8:1 levels and strong support at 19.6:1 levels.

We feel higher rates are likely from here, but if we’re wrong, a drop below 19.6:1 is unlikely.

Cryptos with greater scalability and functionality are…

The USD:MXN rate traded over 20.4:1 Friday before crashing to 20.16:1 as of this writing. Bitcoin heads sideways and looks like it may roll over.

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

USD:MXN currency pair

Last week we predicted “We think a correction is likely this week, with a modest dip in exchange rates.”.

That prediction came true Friday, with rates correcting from above 20.4:1 way down to 20.16:1 as of this writing.

​We predict rates will be higher next Monday than…

The USD:MXN rate is solidly above 20 MXN to 1 USD, despite key rate increase on crashing crude oil prices and inflation. Bitcoin’s rally breaks 50k USD, edging closer to the 64k USD all-time high.

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

Last week we forecasted that “we expect modestly higher rates from here.” We now have modestly higher rates!

Banxico raised its key interest rate 25 basis points to 4.5% last week, but this did little to stop the fall of the MX Peso against the US Dollar…

USD:MXN rate rallies above 20:1 before correcting to 19.9:1 levels. Bitcoin continues modestly higher.

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

Our forecast from last week of “modestly higher rates in the coming days, followed by a correction later in the week” turned out to be exactly what happened.

We’re currently trading around 19.9 MXN to 1 USD. We expect modestly higher rates from here.

Bitcoin continues modestly…

If you care about crypto and live in the US, it’s time to call your legislators (more below). The USD:MXN rate bounced of 19.8:1 levels, trading at over 20:1 this morning. Bitcoin rallies again; it’s presently trading over 46k USD!

Political call to action in the US: Call your Legislators!

We try to avoid politics in these updates, but sometimes we need to make an exception.

The sprawling US infrastructure bill contains language in its 2,700 pages that requires crypto “brokers” to file 1099s on transactions. The issue? The language…

USD:MXN rates hold over 20:1! Bitcoin short squeeze drives price over 38k USD in APAC trading Monday.

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

The USD:MXN rate is up over the last week, holding fast above 20:1 levels. Our “mildly bullish” call from last week was correct. This is a great time to send money to Mexico over the short-term.

Short squeeze sends Bitcoin to over 38k USD during Monday morning…

A rant about ham-fisted governments — USD:MXN rates move sideways — BTC dips to 30k USD levels

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

The USD:MXN rate climbed above 20:1 levels mid-week before retreating. Trading started afternoon Sunday US time, and rates climbed above 20:1 again, before diving to 19.9:1 levels this morning as of this writing.

Various economist and bankers banged their drums last week claiming higher than expected inflation…

USD:MXN rates break 20:1 before retreating to 19.9:1 levels — BTC rangebound between 32k USD and 35k USD.

Short-term USD:MXN forecast

The USD:MXN rate repeated the same trend from last week, with rates climbing above 20:1 levels mid-week, only to retreat to 19.9:1 levels last Thursday.

Arturo Herrera, Banxico’s nominee for governor as of last Wednesday (pending confirmation by the Senate), made dovish comments about inflation over the…

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