The USD:MXN rate steadily increased to 20.75:1 over the past four weeks. Bitcoin rose to 56,000 USD levels while alternatives followed suit at a slower pace. Apologies for the delayed update; it’s been a busy month!

The USD:MXN rate corrected from over 20:1 to 19.84:1 as of this writing. Cryptos with greater scalability and functionality are vastly outperforming Bitcoin.

The USD:MXN rate traded over 20.4:1 Friday before crashing to 20.16:1 as of this writing. Bitcoin heads sideways and looks like it may roll over.

USD:MXN currency pair

The USD:MXN rate is solidly above 20 MXN to 1 USD, despite key rate increase on crashing crude oil prices and inflation. Bitcoin’s rally breaks 50k USD, edging closer to the 64k USD all-time high.

USD:MXN rate rallies above 20:1 before correcting to 19.9:1 levels. Bitcoin continues modestly higher.

If you care about crypto and live in the US, it’s time to call your legislators (more below). The USD:MXN rate bounced of 19.8:1 levels, trading at over 20:1 this morning. Bitcoin rallies again; it’s presently trading over 46k USD!

USD:MXN rates hold over 20:1! Bitcoin short squeeze drives price over 38k USD in APAC trading Monday.

A rant about ham-fisted governments — USD:MXN rates move sideways — BTC dips to 30k USD levels

USD:MXN rates break 20:1 before retreating to 19.9:1 levels — BTC rangebound between 32k USD and 35k USD.

A quick update on bridge21’s growth and future plans plus MX peso and cryptocurrency rate updates.

A quick update on bridge21’s growth and plans

Will Madden

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